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Assimilation uses the humble brick to reinterpret a museum collection forgotten in the archive vaults of Central St Martins. . The work is a visual response to the arrival of the renown arts institution to the Kings Cross Quarter and the transformation its creativity has brought to the area


Constructed from 910 handmade bricks Srabani’project Assimilation is a large scale architectural sculpture made in collaboration with sponsors HG Matthews, a niche brick works in the Chilterns. The structure takes the form of a left over Victorian detail from the original Kings Cross site.

The surface of the structure is encased in imagery based on reinterpreted material from the CSM museum from 1890 to the current day. As a ceramic object, this work showcases the fusion of new and old technologies through the hand crafted brick. There are a range of surfaces which have been used to communicate the diversity and vibrancy of the college, including glaze, ceramic print and embossed finishes.

The result is a 2.5 metre, 1 tonne, riotous tribute to the multiplicity of creative endeavour, reminiscent of iconography found in Hindu and Buddhist architecture across Asia.

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