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Coloured by memories of India and Europe, I reimagine ordinary objects to retell stories of moments that transcend boundaries of geography. My works aims to present audiences with a recognisable visual that sparks instant curiosity. 

With a degree in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins (London), and placing my practice at century old heritage brickworks HG Matthew in rural Buckinghamshire, my work challenges the scale and forms associated with ceramics. Experimenting with material and upending processes provide the starting points for journeys of discovery and ways of story telling.

Constructed from nearly a thousand handmade bricks encase in ceramic screen print, Assimilation (2016), a large-scale architectural installation was a commentary on urban revival sparked by the arrival of a creative community to the Kings Cross quarter in London. 


2018 marked a side step in both the scale and focus of my work, choosing to create stories around objects resembling garments.


As my study of the theme progressed, the lines of thought being expressed became more expansive. Blowing in the Wind (2019) touched on the subjects of fake news, freedom of rights, and feminine passivity. 


Working with ceramic my approach to making is grounded in layering processes. In 2020 I extended this approach to mix media paper combining ink, wool and found print material. My work in all its forms continues to carry it’s hallmark excess of pattern and detail rooted in my Indian heritage.


My practice is grounded on the habit of collecting stories that manifest as bodies of work that are iterations of a broad theme. Each study, invariably, is a result of my becoming immersed in the listening and observing of the Now and Here. It is the giving of form to my subconscious memory of encounters and happenings.

Much sought after for their singularity, my work is held in private collections in Europe, Asia and USA.

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