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An Indian visual artist based in London, I am a storyteller using ceramic-mixed media sculpture and collage on paper. The spirit of revival and innovation that underpins my work is born of a desire to create something recognisable and contemporary, which touches people’s memories. As a chronicler of these fluid times that are upon us, I am drawn to voice uncommonly common stories.


My practice is a celebration of traditional materials, processes, and an exuberance of pattern making. Combining my Indian heritage with observations of a life of diaspora, I present audiences with a recognisable visual that sparks instant curiosity for the underlying narrative.


I place my ceramic practice at century-old heritage brickworks HG Matthews in rural Buckinghamshire where I challenge the scale and form associated with ceramics. Working with glazed stoneware, I combine hand coiling with overlooked traditional techniques of coloured slip-inlay and sgraffito, to achieve flowing forms with richly embellished monochrome surfaces.


My ‘ceramic’ sensibility to push scale without compromising on detail drives the way I create oversized works on paper.  By bringing together traditional drawing and contemporary collage I blend ubiquitous media such as inks, found print, and wool. As with clay, my works in paper do not have a fixed dimension, but grow in size as the narrative and complexity of the tale unfolds through it’s making. My work in all its forms carries, as its hallmark, an abundance of pattern, detail and symbolism rooted in my Indian heritage.


I am fascinated by small details held within everyday moments. Memories of these form the colours of my visual canvas. Born of the habit of collecting stories, my work manifests as a series of unusual forms that are iterations of broader themes, often with nuances of wider socio-political current events. Mine is a practice empowered by my Asian roots to invent a uniquely rich contemporary vocabulary that merges boundaries of East and West.

With a First Class Honours in Ceramic Design from London’s Central Saint Martin (2016), I have exhibited globally, with works held in private collections across Europe, Asia and the USA.  Recognised as a Homo Faber Master Artisan by the Michelangelo Foundation in 2022, in 2023 I was recipient of the Royal Society of Sculptors- Gilbert Bayes Award also winning the 2023 Persimmon Public Art Commission.

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