Assimilation Trial Build.jpg


I am a sculptor, I am an artist.  I grew up in India but I was born in the UK and live here now. My mother was an artist, my father an engineer. So many contradictions. They define me, they influence my work.


Studying Ceramic Design at Central St Martins I learnt to master the medium of clay to give artistic expression to themes that span time and cultures. Each piece tells a story of many chapters, of deep meaning, history and cultural traditions.


By taking universal themes and exploring them in unexpected ways the intent is to delight and excite the viewer by making him or her rethink the everyday. It pulls in the viewer, it pushes out the viewer by challenging conventional thinking and forcing dialogue.


The creation of each piece is a journey, which its uniqueness tells the story of. Fired in kilns at the century old H G Matthew brickworks in the Chilterns, I use age old forgotten traditional processes with innovative new approaches to give life to contemporary original designs that are rooted in my unusual background and heritage.