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Uncertainty of Being 2024

W 90cm X D 46cm X H 161cm
Medium | Stoneware Ceramic and Turned Timber

Living in London, I have an enduring observance of people walking their neighbourhood green spaces . At first I used to think it was to take in the fresh air but I have come to realise it is just as much to refresh soul in the company of another. From first hand experience I appreciate the power of “Walk & Talk” therapy. The act of walking makes for the dropping of reserve and provides safety in unburdening the heart without dropping the façade of face. UNCERTAINTY OF BEING is an attempt to capture this very British phenomenon.

UNCERTAINTY OF BEING is an abstract diptych of humanoid figures of indeterminate age, gender and race, standing as if in dialogue. Living through the life and times of now, we’ve all had to grow a third leg to navigate uneven ground. The chequered upper sections represent our outer facing selves, bright and ebullient, although we guard our inner realm with inscrutable masks of discretion. The prickly underbelly enclosed and inaccessible to outsiders and onlookers hints at the darkness we hold within.

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens Arboretum | Hampshire  - Spring 2024

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