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Stories of Inside 2014 -Present

Stories of Inside is an evolving body of two-dimensional collage. The body first started to take shape in 2014. The first piece ‘The Player’ took all of four long years to resolve. Each work is an attempt to give visual form to a universal inner moment through a slow exploratory dance of making and layering of mediums and marks.

The impetus to develop this medium of work grew during the start of the Pandemic in 2020 when my access to kilns at HG Matthews was interrupted by lockdown. Since then, embracing adversity has allowed me to devise a practice that thrives on working across two and three-dimensional media. Creating stories in large-scale mixed media paper format in tandem with sculptural works in ceramic has become a necessity as the two media and ways of working feed my creative energies and thought process. 



(200cm X 160cm)  Medium: Ink, print and wool on Indian rag paper

The moment when we realise our own mortality, shall the bird that is our soul cry or spread its wings and fly? 



THE PROWLER 2020 (164cm X 223cm)

(Ink, print and wool on Indian rag paper)

In a silent vow to be a ceaseless prowler, restlessly seeking anew as the dawn breaks on Freedom’s flight to a life revived.



A NICE GLASS OF MILK 2021 (210 cm X 163 cm)

(Ink, print and wool on Indian rag paper)

Just to be, another to see. Touch my mother, to feel her hand in mine. I miss being, that which makes me whole when freedom flies.



FREE ME TO BE ME (Diptych) 2021 (180cm X 165 cm)

(Ink, print and wool on Indian rag paper)

When the gates are locked, keys under an invisible rock. The soul hidden within is bound and tied. Then in a twinkling of a heartbeat, the freedom is once more mine; I set me free, free to fly high above the dark clouds.



THE PLAYER  2019 (160cm X 110cm)

(Ink and print on Indian rag paper)

The dynamism of a player imbued with the energy and optimism that crashes through the wall with one golden eye firmly on the prize.


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