Stories of Inside 2014 -Present

Stories of Inside is an evolving body of two-dimensional collage. The body first started to take shape in 2014. The first work ‘The Player’ took all of four long years to resolve. Each work is an attempt to give visual form to a universal inner moment through a slow exploratory dance of making and layering of mediums and marks.


The second in the series ‘Shall I Cry or Fly’ was made during the COVID 19 lockdown. This work was made as a need to express by any means the difficult outcomes being faced by people of all colour and creed around the world.  Making the work was a respite and relief from isolation.  Made in only four short months it felt a relentless outpouring of energy. As the scale of the crisis grew so did the work finally standing at 200cm X 160 cm. 


SHALL I CRY OR FLY  2020 (200cm X 160cm)

(Ink, print and wool on hand pressed rag paper)

The moment when we realise our own mortality, shall the bird that is our soul cry or spread its wings and fly? 


THE PLAYER  2019 (160cm X 110cm)

(Ink and print on hand pressed rag paper)

The dynamism of a player imbued with the energy and optimism that crashes through the wall with one golden eye firmly on the prize.