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MUMBLE JUMBLE , 2023 (200cm X 158cm)

(Ink, print , found print, Korean Hanji paper and wool on Indian rag paper)

A study in Blue, this work is the churn of hidden thoughts and emotions within our menfolk. Fears, feelings, worries, wishes and the secret yearning to curl up to block out the onslaught of Flux.

It is the insistent constant inner dialogue, which has jumbled the insides of his being. Sprockets and chains, peacock feathers and butterfly wings, glass baubles and chainmail, the patterns of a life that is all in a jumble, caught up in the rhythm of a maddening unstoppable din. This is the Mumble Jumble that turns up its muted volume to a deafening pitch during moments of blue solitude away from the pretense of normality.

Install shot from A Pull or A Push | Thames Side Studio Gallery 2024

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