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Mai Hu

Multiplicity of roles is an enduring part of what defines every woman. Each day brings a new challenge and with it, new incarnations of self step forth. Using ink and paper, I tried to capture the moods and modes that jostled to take their places in my person.  These musings were made whilst riddling my way across London ever dancing between the spirits of mother, maker, thinker and explorer of creative possibilities.

Mai Hu II_edited.jpg
Mai Hu VII_edited.jpg

From this body of small sketches grew an is an evolving practice in two-dimensional collage. The first attempt a translate an idea from an A5 sketch to large scale paper work started to take shape 2014.The first piece ‘The Player’ took all of four long years to resolve.


All my works on paper are born of a desire to give visual form to a universal inner moment through a slow exploratory dance of making and layering of mediums and marks.

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