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Jaama 2018

Jaama, meaning garment in my native language Bengali, is a series of sculptural vessels.

A garment is a vessel for our bodies. 

They hold the stories of our lives.

A garment is a memory of a twinkling, 

A garment is the memory of a person,

A garment is a place,

A garment is a memory of time,

A garment is a memory of an emotion,

A garment carries the fragrance of a moment shared

They are filled with invisible patterns that are our lives lived.

They take the shape of our bodies.

Each a rare form, an imprint of our inner bearing

They wear 

Like we wear our world within. 

The wearing of garment and soul makes beauty,

The melding of garment and body makes something mine and mine only.

Body and cloth, we move as one,

Soul and pattern, we bare our threads,

Together we face the world.

Black and white, we judge ourselves,

Through life’s many wears and washes, the black mingles with white.

With age comes the lustre of lives lived,

In the shadows of the yesteryears lies the grace of light.

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