Freedom's Flight 2021


Made in the year spanning the Pandemic, Freedom’s Flight is an emotional recount of this time. The series plays on the duality of the words, Freedom and Flight. Made of ceramic sculptures and large-scale mixed media works on paper, it explores the assault on sensibilities when personal spaces and freedoms are curtailed. All normality suspended, this time has paradoxically given some the freedom to opt for a different way, the freedom to fly in the choices they take forward. Stories of both these conflicting emotions find expression in this body of work.  


Freedom's Flight is a a collation of personal stories that embody a time in history, when we experienced imprisonment in unison.

Images of large-scale mixed media works on paper under "Stories of Inside" tab.


Melisende (Height 54cm)

Melisende was the queen of Jerusalem in the 12th century. Also, in German etymology, it means ‘strong in work’. Melisende, through her strength, has transformed her fetters into girders that allow her to garner and harness her energy to face the unfolding storm.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Varsha (Height 56 cm)

Varsha is a name that has a dual meaning of ‘Year’ and ‘Rain’ in native Bengali. The Year of strife that has challenged our freedom, the Year that has given us freedom to stop long enough to feel, the Rain like the tears we carry within. In amongst Varsha’s panels of pattern are contained the rivers of tears. Yet one has to believe like Varsha, that even the tears we shed will water our dreams and give life to a new tomorrow. 

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Audrey (Height 49 cm)

Constrained by bonds of domesticity Audrey continues undaunted to whirl and dance within her environment. Each turn of her form reveals the patterns of frills and swirls, which are manifestations of the warmth and generosity she brings to all in her realm.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Clarissa (Height 60 cm)

Calm Clarissa a picture of straight lines that follow the rhythm of her form, that seems to stride purposefully forwards. The obscured patterns that seem to swirl about her midriff, are glimpses of the stories and mem- ories she carries within.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Meher (Height 52 cm)

Meher, meaning kindness and benevolence in native Bengali, is almost all but encased in bindings that threaten to take her very breath away. As she fights for her existence, the beauty of her true self rises up in the intriguing patterns swirling upwards around her collar. Challenged by the darkness, she tells compelling stories of our humanity swirling around the four corners of the globe.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Ava (Height 64 cm)

Ava is a domestic goddess resplendent in all her glory and strength. There is a rhythm and order to her days. Yet hidden at the bottom is a faint glimmer of a bird that secretly yearns for the freedom to fly free and high above the clouds.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Leila (Height 48 cm)

Leila, daughter of the Night, was born, as the dusk of darkness descended upon the land. Made and marked by swirls of beauty, her form shows signs of her struggle against the ribbons of bondage that are slowly tightening.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Lyra (Height 47 cm)

Lyra with her willowy harp like profile is a firm nod to the role music has played in our lives. The variation in weight and rhyme of markings are responses to the emotions and moods that layers of sounds evoke in us.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Gunjan (Height 57 cm)

Gunjan means ‘Humming’ when translated from Hindi. Gunjan’s surface is adorned with three variations of the same pattern using different weight in the marking, to convey the recurring banality of our daily existence. But as the gloom of the pandemic slowly lifts our memories of those Lockdown days, like Gunjan’s markings, will vary in weight and recall.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Margaret (Height 52 cm)

Margaret is an older soul. Alone and lonely she has wrapped herself tight against Winter’s silent chill. Yet she still carries within her Life’s will to struggle against the shackles that bind her.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Genevieve (Height 52 cm)

In the face of Freedom’s attempt to take flight, Genevieve gives expression to her dissent through her femininity and grace in all its curvaceous glory. The multiplicity of her role as a woman is borne out in the cornucopia of patterns that embellish her form. Even the bonds thrust upon her she accepts as adornment not disfigurement.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic


Garima (Height 54 cm)

Garima is a name of ancient Sanskrit origin meaning dignity. Despite the fetters that coil about her, Garima’s beauty is a testimony to her inner light and grace. But as the irons tighten, the silent Morse call of SOS rises unbidden in the dots and dashes that wreath her collar.

Medium: Glazed Stoneware Ceramic