Freedom's Flight 2021



With over 31 Million infected by Covid in India and rising, the official deaths (425K) are a fraction of reality. Navchetna is a network of 30,000 women, survivors of destitution, desertion and domestic brutality reaching out to remote interior villages in rural Maharashtra.

As an Indian artist in London, the showcase of my latest work Freedom’s Flight raised funds and awareness for the women of Navchetna who are combating deadly shortages in essential support and supplies due to COVID . Hosted by Brent Council’s Willesden Gallery (21st September - 2nd October 2021) my exhibition of sculpture and mix media was greeted by an deep response from the visiting public.

Made in the year spanning the Pandemic, Freedom’s Flight is an emotional recount of this time. The series plays on the duality of the words, Freedom and Flight. Made of ceramic sculptures and large-scale mixed media works on paper, it explores the assault on sensibilities when personal spaces and freedoms are curtailed. All normality suspended, this time has paradoxically given some the freedom to opt for a different way, the freedom to fly in the choices they take forward. Stories of both these conflicting emotions find expression in this body of work.  


Freedom's Flight is a a collation of personal stories that embody a time in history, when we experienced imprisonment in unison.


Melisende (Height 54cm): Melisende was the queen of Jerusalem in the 12th century. Also, in German etymology, it means ‘strong in work’. Melisende, through her strength, has transformed her fetters into girders that allow her to garner and harness her energy to face the unfolding storm.


Varsha (Height 56 cm): Varsha is a name that has a dual meaning of ‘Year’ and ‘Rain’ in native Bengali. The Year of strife that has challenged our freedom, the Year that has given us freedom to stop long enough to feel, the Rain like the tears we carry within. In amongst Varsha’s panels of pattern are contained the rivers of tears. Yet one has to believe like Varsha, that even the tears we shed will water our dreams and give life to a new tomorrow. 


Close up detail of THE PROWLER ( 164 cm X 223 cm)

Mixed Media - ink, found print, wool on Indian cotton rag paper